Every day in America, an entrepreneur gets a new idea. That means great things for BrightBox. We thrive on helping people with new ideas achieve their dreams. Clients are the key for BrightBox branding efforts. Because we specialize in branding, we know the cost of the tools necessary for individualized branding efforts.

Sometimes, we hear horror stories that come with branding efforts prior to meeting our clients. Branding difficulty comes in many packages, all dealing with different parts of your business.

Try to avoid these five branding horrors.


There’s a big world out there, full of fast, high-flying information in a cluttered mess of static and noise with an endless number of ways to monitor it. You’re focused on helming your main operation: coordinating the behaviors of the people who keep your business moving. Your graphic designers You need press releases, blog posts and media calls made all at the same time, NOW, and you’re the only one in the office.

How nice would it be to have just one PR staffer?

Even worse, if you EVER run into a crisis and don’t have anyone with PR sense on staff, you could face a scenario in which you are losing resources fast and have to either quickly perform on the job training for your whole team or outsource messaging to an agency immediately, thus further stressing your budget.



You know how some CEOs appear to run amok and mismanage their companies because they are unwilling to listen to the advice of their best employees? I’m willing to believe half of those people don’t even realizing they’re doing it.

To that extent, check yourself for possible biases. Then eliminate them. Your business is no place for stubborn leadership. Money may be green, but branding is color blind.


Conciseness is the key to describing yourself. You need to make a lasting first impression in a short amount of time if you want to stand out in an ever-crowded land of brands. As a precursor to any tactical decisions, decide what you are about. Don’t tell people you do everything. Even within specific disciplines niches have become the name of the game.

Business is a big landscape. What part do you represent?


There is no quick fix for design decisions. You may need someone professional to put up your web site, or you may be able to get by with a GoDaddy template. It all depends on your brand.

However, keep two considerations in mind: Your brand must meet a certain standard of professionalism (whatever that means in your field) and it must match what you do, who you are and why you do it.


Marketing directors often taker jobs for $70,000 a year without first asking what the budget for the marketing department is at the company, then wind up out of work and upset in a year or less. Don’t put yourself or anyone you hire through that kind of stress. Budget properly. Leave plenty for branding.