Siblings are great.

A cluster of brothers and sisters working together to achieve similar ends is solid and reliable because family members have one another’s backs. They trust one another and work together to complete a common goal.

When your brands are siblings, they have each other’s backs, too. The oldest, strongest group is able to secure space for the smaller brands as they grow, flourish and gain definition. Naturally, these groups of powerful, differing yet somehow connected parts of your business image support one another by providing your company with the flexibility to approach different markets in unique, individual ways. They run circles around mammoth individual brands extended all over the map. A brand by itself is a hermit, with no allies to help it secure a strong position in the market.

Your brand should be the most sociable character on the planet, and it should have family that complements it. Together, they should run the show.

You can see the sibling strategy executed perfectly at Apple. Since returning to Apple, Steve Jobs (and company) has put out the iPod, iPad, iTunes, an iTunes Store, and an iPhone. That list of extensions, some might say, inflates the brand. On the other hand, the group of teammates like these work together in an incredibly solid fashion. Each one is more special than the last, opening doors for consumers and windows of opportunities available only to purchasers of Apple products. The Apple “i” family is exclusive, remarkable in its abilities and actions. Every Apple product that hits now wows the masses, and every time a product is mentioned, references to his brothers and sisters flood the conversation. “i” is a Halo that surrounds Steve Jobs’ head and engenders good will in the markets and the media.

At BrightBox, we strive for the same Halo effect. BrightBox and siblings Inkbox and ShowBox offer you services that maintain both specialization and versatility in a way that is the best of both worlds. BrightBox brands. InkBox prints. ShowBox shows off your product. Together, they transform your brand into a sharper, more exciting and more noticeable figure in the marketplace. Related yet distinct, these brands have moved in a unified way.

Friends will come and go, but your family will stick by you.