As cool as your business is, you are not perfect. Your employees are not perfect. Your marketing strategy is not perfect.

BrightBox is one of the coolest, freshest, most innovative businesses in the world. Our team members include born businessmen and women. Our graphic designers can make any company look awesome, even when the product is not. In four years, BrightBox has attended Coachella, gone after BMW with a viral campaign and brought on board a member of a professional NBA dance team as an account manager.

Even with all of that, BrightBox isn’t perfect… And neither are you.

Don’t take it too hard. Nobody is. The real issue comes with thinking you are. Self-centered types have great trouble seeing their own flaws, thereby sabotaging their chances at self-improvement. Even worse, many of the world’s most conceited people don’t even recognize their own conceit, leaving them with an overly optimistic view of the world. Rather, some of the world’s best companies eventually spend too much time locked in a room with their own employees drinking their own Kool-Aid and causing themselves more problems than does anyone else. With no independent minded sounding boards, these companies wind up falling flat with uncreative, inside-the-box business plans and poor, lethargic execution.

However, if you can overcome your own bias in favor of thinking you are awesome, you will be able to create a much more effective business machine. No one knows you like you. You built your own house, and any dilapidated part of your own business was something you neglected or implemented incorrectly.

If you had to attack your own business, what kind of strategy would you use? Are you weak in the public relations department? How is your marketing team? Do your managers communicate effectively? Does accounting track money well? Has finance been raising the appropriate amount of resources to take care of your expenses?

Do you have even bigger troubles, such as wretched customer service or even basic safety and ethical issues?

Try to see your business through the eyes of your competitors. Is there something that stands out about you that would hurt sales if exploited by other brands?

Try to see your business through the eyes of your consumers. Is there something about your service or your product that makes them irritable?

Try to see your brand through the eyes of the media. Is there something the average newscaster would find unusual about your business?