BrightBox is a small yet rapidly growing business focused on branding. Because of this unusual combination of qualities, we are in a position to see unusual qualities that set apart companies like ours.

To some marketing groups, a brand is merely a bottom line. While ROI and sales methods are important, we know that we can not only improve sales but add far more important, even essential, elements to your business by equipping you with all of the strengths of an airtight brand. While evaluation is important, we bring to the table the most important element of design by creating meaning.

Brands have to evolve and grow. Rather than periodically tinker with your brand and risk the possibility of dilution, you should grow outward in a way that matches what it does best. Brands change to keep up with times, but the changes are usually slight.

Coca Cola still has its classic bottle.

McDonald’s still has the arches.

Nike still has the swoosh.

We’re seeing brand evolution in every industry.

Disney? They have the ultimate brand ambassador in Mickey Mouse. Mickey has an entire world of friends, all characters that any animator can train to make statements that reinforce the Disney brand on a daily basis.

Mickey doesn’t look exactly the same from one generation to the next. He changes with the times because that’s what Disney needs him to do to stay relevant. What they haven’t done is throw out Mickey and his buddies and hire a whole new cast of main characters. Rather, Disney builds the brand with other casts that are similar to but divergent from Mickey and friends.

Nickelodeon has SpongeBob Squarepants, a character that lives in a pineapple under the sea and has the catchiest theme song on television. SpongeBob is in the clear opposite direction from Disney programming. Because there is a Disney crowd, there is room for a SpongeBob crowd. Plenty of kids like both.

Nickelodeon’s first ambassadors were the rather grotesque Ren and Stimpy, characters that didn’t work when the network attempted to clean up their personas and the plots of the episodes. They have evolved and signed on SpongeBob to save the day.

Musicians have to evolve to survive.  Most people have had the experience of turning on the radio and hearing a song that sounds… dated. Most musicians aren’t really looking to sound that dated the year that their singles are released.

Some musicians step out of the limelight and become producers so they can work with artists. Jay-Z does all of it and invests money and time  into the New Jersey Nets, owns restaurants, clothing lines… etc.

Give your brand a quick evolution test to see where you are headed next. Your brand is going to change, and because you are such a fabulous business owner, you are going to anticipate change to the best of your abilities and try to help it evolve in a natural way.

Aim to create meaning.