BrightBox is Branding.

This is the message our business pushes at every turn. Through clever, multifaceted methods of communication, we help you find ways to link emotionally with your markets. Namely, we want to help you anchor emotional messages into certain combinations of language and symbols and connecting them to your customers.

Simply by explaining what we do to our existing, potential and internal consumers, BrightBox has made great strides in taking ownership of the branding concept. BrightBox doesn’t have to own the idea of being the “best” at branding.

BrightBox IS Branding.

In that same way, successful brands on the open market should seek to represent concepts. Don’t tell people your brand is the best. Embody the adjectives you want to be, and use those terms to pitch your product.

Nike doesn’t claim to be the “best” running shoe. Nikes = athletic shoes. (It doesn’t hurt that they’re worn by winners).

Google didn’t have to be the “best” search engine. Google means “search”. That’s why when we look for something, we “Google it.”

Whether you define “best” as “safest” or “most powerful”, Mr. Clean isn’t the “best” product for cleaning floors. Mr. Clean is a clean floor, represented with a head as shiny as you want your floor.

Lays isn’t the best potato chip. Lays is a synonym for the classic, salty, American chip. Lays are the natural complement to a Coke.

Of course, Coke is the only acceptable soda for any major event. I’m partial to Italian soda and Perrier myself, but Coke is still the most powerful brand in the world because it was first in the soda category and forever owns the concept.

Some people say that braggarts only boast because they are hiding their insecurities. Real winners don’t need to brag because everyone already knows how spectacular they are. You can say all the nice things you want about yourself, but your real strengths lie in your public reputation. When third party sources say pleasant things about you, you don’t have to say them about yourself.

Restaurants take off when customers brag about the food. Nobody cares what the manager thinks of his own french fries.

Because of the power of the media, social networks and plain old-fashioned conversation, the world is ripe with opportunity for businesses looking to make a bang. Modern marketing has advanced to the point that public relations is a requirement, not a bonus. You need the attention of others. No business is an island.

Seeking and gaining that type of attention is a central part of the philosophy, principles and practical strategy at BrightBox. We don’t just give our clients ideas. We help them own ideas through excellent, planned, well-executed creativity. In the past, we have assisted a great variety of our clients in seizing and owning concepts in the mind of the market through specialized branding techniques related to both audio-visual appeal and public messaging.

Don’t Brag. Brand.

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