BrightBox’s list of clients ranges from those in old, robust markets to new, emerging product markets. We are able to help these clients establish brands and market effectively regardless of their specific circumstances. There is more than one way to make money.

However, we have noticed over time that market creation is a vastly overlooked ways of building and supporting a stable, moneymaking enterprise. New entrepreneurs tend to get a bit gun shy in the creation of a new market. The mantra of many in American business is that “people don’t do that” or “nobody buys that”… and if no one offers the service or product, then nobody will!

Some of the best businesses have been those that presented products to the world that weren’t there in the first place.

Nobody used commercial airplanes before they existed. Now, in spite of a poor history, mediocre management and a spotty safety record, the airline industry is one of the most consumer-saturated markets in the world. Most businesses use airlines to meet with customers and strategic partners several times a year. It has basically become a  necessity to some.

Before Red Bull, nobody consumed energy drinks. They didn’t exist! Now, the energy drink market is a roughly $10 billion a year industry.

Early in American fitness culture, most people were concerned with either losing weight and keeping it off or gaining large, rippling muscles. The market for a lean, mean workout was practically non-existent. Now, Tony Horton’s P90X has become one of the most popular workouts in American history.

Before the internet became a household tool, news came in the form of either a paper or television broadcast. Why would anyone want to look at a computer screen for news?

Sure enough, several major newspapers have closed shop, and more and more news sites pop up on the internet every day.

At one point in time, you either surfed in the ocean or biked down the street. Eventually, someone brought off the top of a scooter and provided surfers with something to do when the waves were flat. Prior to that, no one had ever seen a skateboard. Today, the skateboarding industry is worth nearly $6 billion.

Perhaps most recently, almost every household tech company has either released or plans to release a tablet mobile device. Before the Microsoft Tablet PC introduced in 2001, laptops were the only way to go.

And at one time, there were no laptops.

If you are trying to build your brand, keep in mind that you have the option of not only seizing on an emerging trend by selling something that has already entered a peak phase of popularity, but also creating an entirely new market, with the advantage of immediate leadership. Never be deterred because you want to sell something that nobody buys because a consumer can’t buy something that doesn’t exist. Feel free to innovate.