Houston, Texas is both the most prosperous economy in the United States and a major hub for human trafficking. BrightBox CEO and Founder Jason Arcemont is known for raising awareness of both.

This October, in partnership with Love 146, Jason is running clear across the State of Texas, completing 30 marathons in 30 days. His journey will raise awareness for a cause anyone can get behind: giving those who have been subjected to the horrors of human trafficking the opportunity to live proudly as survivors rather than victims.

“If I can change just one life for the better, it will all be worth it,” says Jason.

Check out Jason’s overview of the #TXFR Campaign below.

To learn more about this campaign, become a sponsor, or volunteer, visit www.texasfreedomrun.com.

To contact #TXFR directly, email info@texasfreedomrun.com.