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Stride Spoofs Apple
In the world of celebrities, some have said that you know you are famous when you’re spoofed on SNL. I guess the same goes for branding. Apple, the most valuable company on the planet, got a taste of its own advertising in a recent parody campaign launched by Stride Gum. Stride took out billboards and created videos indicating something big was coming by showing black-lettered dates on white backgrounds. But the minimalist Apple-looking board was actually replaced by Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White holding a pack of Stride Mintacular with the slogan “Chewing redfined. Again.”

Source: Andrew Adam Newman, The New York Times

Mountain Dew Goes With Color-Changing Can
Mountain Dew isn’t just creating a new logo facelift or subtle graphics for its newest, 16 ounce can. Instead, the brand is bringing a color transformation to the product. The drink’s aluminum packaging will feature a symbol that changes to the soda’s signature green upon reaching 46.4 degrees F.

The Dew is not the only company to experiment with color-changing products; Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola Canada, Coors, Hallmark, Monster Energy, Pizza Hut and Tuaca Liqueur have used the technique, too.

Source: Sheila Shayon, brandchannel

Domino’s Revamps Logos, Rolls Out New Store Features
In an attempt to adapt to the more modern customer, Domino’s is streamlining its logo and experimenting with new store features, including TVs, comfortable seating, order kiosks, and chalkboards for customer suggestions. The restaurant is looking to change over as many stores as possible in the future. Good move or overly wild branding? Stay tuned.

Source: Maureen Morrison, Ad Age

Visa, BP and McDonald’s Win Gold, Silver and Bronze at Olympics
Visa, BP, and McDonald’s walk away from the Olympics with the greatest increase in brand perception gains at the Olympics, although BP began in first place and slid as the games progressed. Coca Cola, Heineken, Adidas, Acer and British Airways improved slightly as well. BMW, Holiday Inn and GE actually slid during the games, with GE appearing to be more negative than positive by a more than 6% margin. This is a great piece for anyone who really wants to know about what is going on in global branding.

Source: Brian Steinberg, Ad Age

Groupon Gets Discounted
Groupon may be great for consumers looking for cheap deals, but the stock is taking it on the chin this week. Groupon lost 6% yesterday after taking a rather significant hit earlier this week. While analysts are debating the real significance of the disappointing earnings that served as a catalyst for the stock’s decline, one thing is certain: the company is having a hard time finding confidence from consumers this week. It could be a bump or a long-term issue with the model, but either way, Groupon’s brand has been discounted along with its share price.

Source: CBS News Tech

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