The pizza competition is as hot as ever, and Domino’s has recently decided to change its strategic direction to create a more upscale-looking

pizza restaurant (see last week’s BrightBox brand update to read more about it). To match the new television, luxury seating and kiosk structure they are implementing, Domino’s has decided to clean up their logo in an effort to attract and keep customers.

So was the logo change a good move? BrightBox Creative Director Patrick McDonough approves of the move.

“They’ve kept all of the familiar elements, while reducing clutter,” says McDonough. “If you can communicate the same message with fewer elements, that’s usually a stronger design.”

McDonough also applauded Domino’s for its willingness to make a move and embrace change.

“Some companies are reluctant to change their logo because they ‘have too much equity’ in it. The truth is that none of their current customers will stop doing business with them because they changed their logo,” he said.

“What they need to focus on are the customers they don’t have. And if the current logo doesn’t accurately communicate the culture and direction of the company, whether because it’s outdated or just poorly designed, then you shouldn’t be afraid to adjust it. Dominoes Pizza has far more brand equity than most companies in the world, and they’re not afraid to update their logo to reflect their new direction.”

“You shouldn’t be either.”

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