It used to be that the corporate world supported non-profits simply because it was the right thing to do. But the days of philanthropic giving based solely on goodwill are coming to an end. Today, most companies expect a measurable return on their investment – and understandably so.
Several years ago, “cause marketing” was introduced as a new tactic to help companies sell their products by introducing a charity tie-in. Especially during holiday seasons, shoppers will notice products stating that a portion of proceed sales will benefit a charity. This is cause marketing – introducing a nonprofit tie-in to move products from shelves.

Over time, savvy charities have begun investing in a more long-term approach, known as “cause branding,” which moves the corporate-charity relationship to a whole new, more intense level. Cause branding is a community relations program designed to build brand equity and shape corporate character through a longer-term strategic alliance with a charity cause…

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