BrightBox client Global Speak Translations (GST), the only translation company that is 100% focused on the energy industry, was featured in the Houston Chronicle last weekend regarding the Mexican Energy Reform legislation. GST’s special niche in the energy and oil and gas markets positions the company to offer uniquely valuable insights into the best methods of capitalizing on reform legislation.

One excerpt, courtesy of CEO Flor Dimassi:

I think we’re one of the only firms where interpreters and translators leave a pair of steel-toed boots and a hard hat in the back of their car. Often we’re called to shops to interpret training sessions. Often it’s in shops for companies like Schlumberger or Halliburton, where there’s a group of 30 engineers coming to be briefed on the latest technology, and at the end of a three-week course, they have to take an exam. One time their instructor asked: “How do I know you’re interpreting all this information?” There were Latin American engineers, and local English-speaking engineers. The first, second and third place scores were all Latin Americans. I was proud of that.

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