To keep your business up to date, it’s important to be familiar with the latest social media marketing techniques. This includes Facebook, which is no longer just for young adults and college kids.  With so many people currently on Facebook and those joining everyday, it’s easy to see how this can add tremendous help in getting your brand in front of clients and potential clients. And more and more of those joining are using it for business purposes over personal use.

For those new to Facebook, it can at first be a little overwhelming, time consuming and the applications a little strange. But just like many other aspects of how you do business, keep it professional. You can just as easily deny or ignore the apps you are not interested in or would serve no business value.  By all means enjoy what it has to offer and take advantage of being able to have another way of getting your company name out there. But it is representing your company name and people will view it this way.

One of the most attractive features Facebook might have to offer, especially with people not wanting to spend their dollars, is its FREE. So whether you feel it is right or wrong for your company, you can try it out at no cost and see how using it can get you connected. If you are interested in putting a few bucks into it, the site even offers target placement ads for low cost that can be viewed by very specific audiences you want your brand to be in front of while using Facebook.

Not only raise visibility for your brand but also build relationships and connect with prospects and customers that otherwise may have been impossible or much more time consuming and costly. The more you show involvement in what your clients are interested in, the more credibility you’re building for your services and showing your company can meet their needs.

Getting involved in using Facebook, and/or other social networking sites, also allows you to see what your competitors are doing. Are they getting involved as well? What are they doing to maintain their clients and connect with new ones?  Make sure your brand is staying in front of prospects and show them your company just may be exactly who they are looking to do business with.

Not sure how to get started or don’t know how to integrate a sufficient social marketing strategy? BrightBox would be more than happy to help your company get started and advise the best strategy for your business.