Just a few of the role-players you may need.

A wise businessman once told me, “You don’t need to know how to do everything, but you need to know people who can.” BrightBox, started by a networking mastermind and a top-notch audio-visual professional, has run with that philosophy from day one. By hiring a broad array of specialists, BrightBox has been able to help a better variety of clients with a broad number of exciting challenges. You should do the same.

Here are five types of professionals your business should have and how and why they can help you.


Every team needs a leader. If you don’t know who the leader and figurehead of your organization is, the chances are that no one else does, either. More than likely, that person is you. In the end, someone has to make the most important decisions affecting your company. A group without a goal is like a ship without a destination. You may wind up somewhere pretty or crash into an iceberg. Take the wheel or hire people who will.


Companies in the modern atmosphere need a net presence, engaging content, and powerful audio-visual one-two combinations to impress customers. The perception of your company is the self-fulfilling prophecy that will become its reality. Without powerful, professional imaging, your chances of convincing customers of your power and professionalism plummet. Acting the part is essential to owning the part. Be willing to shell out resources to establish a sophisticated design squad.


Relationships add incredible value to the bottom line your company. Markets are communities of people looking to have their needs satisfied. The networker finds those people, builds bridges to them and uses those bridges to transport more cash and resources for future projects. Without social connections, your company may fail to see the big picture in the business environment. Making friends helps you keep an eye on opportunity and competition. Taking opportunity for granted is a costly mistake in the increasingly fast-paced business world. Employ networkers and watch in pleasant surprise at how many bridges they build.


Building the structures within and outside of your business, some of your finest employees are the ones who figure out how to make your information sticky in the sense of making it easy for consumers to find you. Image is half the battle in the modern business world; getting other people to actually see your brand is something else entirely. In other words, you may have the most beautiful piece of art in the world. If no one ever sees it, though, you will never be known as an artist. Architects create projects and build real game plans for unrolling those projects. They build your technical networks, keep your servers running and help maneuver you through difficult periods when some of your more seemingly essential tools malfunction. Computers are a cornerstone of most aspects of your modern, competitive business. Hire an architect so your technology runs smoothly.


In case you haven’t noticed, we communicate using language. The language of your business is essential to its success. This is much more complicated than whether or not you speak “English” and have excellent grammar. You company has to speak as though it belongs in the industry. A picture is a thousand words, but the power of language lies in its subtlety. Besides, nothing says unprofessional like an out of date blog or a picture of the new CEO with the old one’s biography on your web site. Scripts, slogans, speeches, eBooks, press releases, advertisements, FAQs, social network messages and a slew of other pivotal tools all require the focused attention of a professional writer. Keep one handy.