You can find or do literally everything on the Internet these days. Next weeks weather forecast, the score to last night’s game, what celebs are dating or breaking up, movie times, the latest local and national news, read a book and so much more it boggles my mind!

Feel like going shopping but don’t want to get your lazy butt off the couch? No problem! Just bring up your favorite store’s website and everything you want is just a click and credit card number away.

Have research for an important project to do but forgot to go to the library? Not an issue, again you can just do a web search for the info you need and bam its right there. So many books, articles, blogs etc. are accessible through the Internet that stepping foot in a library isn’t even necessary.

So what did we do before the Internet? People had to wait for the 9 o’clock news to come on to find out what was happening in their community, read newspapers, actually get in the car and drive places to go shopping and even pay their bills with a stamp and envelope and hope the post office got them there on time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have become just as spoiled by the Internet as the next person but I’ve become pretty dependent on it at the same time. Anything I could possibly want is a Google search and a click away. If I missed last night’s episode of my favorite show, I can just watch it on the net whenever I want. If I didn’t love the experience of actually going shopping so much I would constantly be buying crap on the Internet more than I already do, I even stay in touch with friends I haven’t scene in years based on Facebook and email.

Again I love how convenient it has made my life but I wonder just how much different my kid’s lives will be based on it’s rapid development and endless capabilities it has to offer. I wonder if the future of society will even need half the things we still use on occasion now such as books, magazines, stores you actually walk into to do your shopping and everything else the Internet has made even more convenient for us to access right on our computers.

Even more so I find myself wondering what on earth I would do if I lost access to the net. I have become so dependent on it for so many different aspects of my life. I pay my bills online, manage my bank account, research for work related topics and even catching up on tv shows, movies and the news. Anytime I have a question I just Google it to find the answers I am looking for.

So with all that in mind and with the ever so rapid development of technology I am excited to see how it will continue to advance in the world as we know it. The popularity of the Internet has proven how important it is for companies to build well balanced, easy to navigate websites that are able to make an impact on those that visit them.

A lot of older companies are still behind the curve and don’t even realize how often people are online searching for their services and products. At BrightBox we are able to create and provide our clients with impactful web presence that allows them to have a lasting impression based on site design and the ability to get their message across in a memorable way.

Its important to update your company website as technology does advance and Internet capabilities continue to grow.  BrightBox offers all the tools your company needs to make the most out of your online identity. Our team offers cutting-edge design and advanced web applications that will make sure users come back time and time again.