Since the inception of the Rockets’ logo in 2003/04, I have felt very strongly, that it does not represent the franchise well at all. To me it looks like “blood dripping”. It’s more “Ninja-Katana”, than it is “Space City – Blast-Off!” Also, with a new logo, should come a new uni. The current uniform is just awful. I cringe at the sight of it.

Logos –

Uniform –

As a graphic designer and a Rockets fan, I’m very passionate about my hometown sports teams, and any graphical element that may represent them. I love the “Texans” logo. It’s one of the best in the NFL, along with the Cowboys. (However, the Texans red socks have Got to Go.). The Astros have a great logo, and uniform as well. Nothing too fancy or over the top. Just a perfect balance of greys, burnt red, and black.

I know that I’m not alone on this stance. I still have not met anyone who actually likes the Rockets jerseys or the logo. If I do meet someone who says that they do in fact LIKE the Rockets’ logo, then I’ll have to disregard what they have to say, because I know that they are indeed, lying to me.

My bosses don’t know about what I’m writing about, so they are in no way agreeing with or condoning this next statement… BrightBox, Inc. should design the next Rockets logo. The Icon we’d create would look good and be easy to recognize. I know that we won’t, I’m just saying we should. The Houston Rockets Marketing department is full of a bunch of people, far too proud to listen to what anyone outside of the department has to recommend. Trust me, I’ve talked to and dealt with a couple of these guys before… They’re not budgin’.

In short…
• Astros & Texans – Good logos

• Rockets – Bad logo

• Dynamo – Don’t care

• BrightBox can design a better logo for the Rockets