Kevin Ross Thompson

Kevin Ross Thompson

Kevin Ross Thompson is BrighBox’s newest KPM (Key Performance Manager) and an exciting addition to our team.  He’s is a very talented writer and project manager with experience in many industries from entertainment to energy!  Read more about him in this interview transcript:

1. You’ve spent a good deal of time in France and England. What did you do there?

My main job was to teach English classes for French university students in Paris and to International students at the University of Birmingham in the UK, but it was mainly a front for me to work on my English accent and visit as many art museums in Paris as possible.

2. You even did a stint in the music industry as well. What was your role?

I’ve been a musician since my dad bought me my first guitar at the age of 15. Ever since I’ve been playing guitar and bass for a very diverse group of bands. I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing musicians and even helped develop some up and coming young talent.

3. You’re a very talented writer. Tell us about your work as a journalist!

During college I worked for my university’s newspaper as a Features reporter writing about everything from fashion shows, restaurant openings, film reviews and comedy shows. Naturally, that made me a perfect fit for the world of Oil & Gas journalism, where I helped cover news in the midstream pipeline sector. Beyond that, I’ve been an active blogger since 2007 writing about music, soccer, movies and life.

4. Obviously, you’re very well rounded talent and experience wise, but here’s the most important question of all: Are you a cat or a dog person?

Oh, definitely a dog person. I have a 6-year-old mixed breed named Gracie. She likes sleeping on my couch and trying to make friends with as many squirrels as possible.

Kevin Ross Thompson

Kevin Ross Thompson