Tiger Woods has been criticized time and time again throughout his career. He has served as the punching bag for social activists who believe Tiger hasn’t done enough for minorities. Fellow professional golfers publicly challenged Tiger’s decision to change his swing when he was already number one in the world. And then before the British Open, naysayers said that Tiger couldn’t win this tournament because he only excels on courses that allow for him to blast the ball off the tee.

And yet, Tiger has remained focused on the end goal every step of the way. He deliberates, then chooses his strategy and acts with confidence in his relentless pursuit of improvement and perfection. His critics have never derailed his plans.

Tiger is ultra-disciplined, innovative, flexible, passionate, committed to measurement and analysis and driven by purpose and targeted results. He also is a great storyteller and shares his goals and objectives with everyone. And his Tiger Woods Foundation is introducing opportunities to junior golfers and minority kids across the country.

Although golf seems to be a solitary sport, Tiger is a role model not only for other golfers, young minorities and the entire sports community, but also for business managers and executives looking for a figure to emulate.


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