We just launched the new BrightBox website! New look, new focus, new ideas.

One big change is in our examples section. We decided to do away with the standard design portfolio, and instead, used case studies to show off our work.

Every time I meet someone in the marketing industry and tell them I’m the creative Director for BrightBox, they always ask the same question – “Did you say bread box?” After I correct them, and explain that we’re a marketing firm, the second most common questions is “What’s your specialty?”

It seems like people expect you to be a specialist in print design, or web development, our online viral marketing, but we’ve always prided ourselves in being able to do it all. The real answer to the question is “We specialize in branding.” Because we develop all the tools in-house, we can take a top-down view of the situation, and plan out the whole package. Since that’s what we feel our core strength is, we thought we’d show it off.

We’ve put up some examples of clients that ordered “the works.” I really feel that this is where we shine – giving a client a facelift (or entirely new face), that helps to refocus and reenergize the company, and put their brand on the right track.

Check out the new site. We’re all really proud of it.