At BrightBox, our clients come from a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to home energy, oil and gas, human resources and commercial diving. To service our customers, we have to perform brand analysis from their perspective, our perspective and the contextual perspective of the industry. BrightBox has to research, embody the roles of our clients and learn as much as we can from them.

Business is a creative journey. The idea of making and selling a product or service that people need requires the ability to create a better future for your organization. To do that, you have to visualize where things are headed and what you can do to adapt to the business environment with proper solutions and innovative tactics.

In your efforts to create more effective business, you should always remain open to learning new ideas and new skills. Some of these ideas come from places you’d never expect.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are five disciplines unrelated to business you may want to investigate for the purpose of improving and expanding your imagination in the name of building a better brand.


If you think business is mainly a numeric game, you’re wrong. Just because dollar signs have numbers behind them doesn’t mean a math major is a natural marketer. In fact, most business is psychological.

Branding is an EMOTIONAL connection between an idea and consumers. Whether or not a candy bar costs $1.29 or $1.49 has a lot less to do with what that candy represents to the average shopper.

Business is in the mind, and psychology is the study of the mind.


Political leanings tend to be bad for business because no one wants to donate to the wrong cause. However, politicians are master salesman. An election may decide policy, but it’s decided by how many people the politician can persuade to enter an election booth and make votes in his or her favor.

Watching speeches, listening to campaign themes and reading political news can do wonders for your messaging.


Your brand has a story. It’s uniqueness lies in what has made it what it is today.

You should find the journey of your brand and put it in narrative form. The best stories make you fall in love with the characters and have emotional attachments to them. See if you can turn your brands into characters and help find an audience willing to embrace them.

#4 ART

Design is essential in the modern business world. Design takes skill and diligence. It also helps to have a bit of knowledge about art, design, visual arrangement and other aesthetic features.

Your brand should look good.

#5 LAW

Law is the art of making a good argument. Every day, you should be making (subtle) arguments on behalf of your brand. That way, when people need a reason to buy your product, they think about all of the basic reasons you have given them and decide to pull out their wallets.