Organic Life specializes in providing institutions such as schools (from daycare to college) with healthy menu options. In addition to talking about how school cafeterias are grossly behind the times in terms of nutrition and quality, and how Organic Life treats kids like customers in a restaurant, Joe Kreeger and Justin Rolls spoke with BrightBox on The Price of Business about the practical aspects of Organic Life, including how to fit healthy meals into a rigid school budget.

“It’s not cost prohibitive to make health food,” explained Keeger. “Part of it comes down to scratch cooking things rather than using processed goods.  While you might think that it would be more expensive to scratch cook something rather than buy it in a box and heat it up like a lot of other companies do, it actually isn’t. If you’re efficient in how you use your employees and how you prepare the food you can create a better product on-site without incurring those charges.”

Listen Here: http://youtu.be/uAAUhrFcl0I

For more information about Organic Life and their services, please visit www.OrganicLifeOnline.com.