The right way to approach branding.

Most graphic designers offer logo and corporate identity services. But a logo is not a brand. Letterhead, envelopes, even Web sites are not your brand. And in the absence of strategy, creativity is worthless.

Brightbox is a strategic brand marketing and design firm. We recognize that successful branding starts with listening, learning, and understanding our clients, their businesses, and their industries first. We leave our preconceived notions at the door and work side-by-side with our clients to follow a proprietary brand exploration process that helps unveil the company’s defining culture and character. In branding, your mission, vision, and values pave the way to your brand promise and all of those elements help drive your organization’s ultimate brand identity.

This process has proven its value over and over for companies big and small, corporations and nonprofits. Branding is not just for emerging companies or unknown businesses. In fact, many of our clients are fast-growing, accomplished leaders in their fields but they realize after several years in business that their identity has not kept pace with their image, and that their employees do not share a common brand language. Executives, salespeople, engineers, and receptionists each describe the organization in different ways. So while the company may seem “fine,” we believe “fine” is the enemy of growth, expansion, and true greatness.

Strong brands command a premium. Purpose-driven brands survive tough times. Well-branded organizations stand out from the pack. BrightBox engages professional business, branding, design, copywriting, and marketing specialists in every client branding process. Find out how BrightBox can help you unleash the true power of your brand and connect with your key audiences, both external and internal.