BrightBox is a brand that brands other brands.

It’s our job to make sure that your brand has support and can stand on its own two legs. Without branding, your business is built solely on the backs of the individuals that work there. If you have been hiring the right people the right way, those people are probably great. And because your team of employees is so great, they find the opportunity to make more money elsewhere and leave you, or move to Nebraska to look after a sick parent, or accompany a spouse on a change in residence to a more suiting geographic location. Some of them just outgrow your business, or want to change careers and have to leave to pursue their passions. And because you are a decent human being you will probably give them a reference and help them find placement in a new position with another company.

People are not slaves. They are free to come and go.

Good businesses understand that. They compensate by building up a brand on more than just the output of employees. Rather, a good brand has an image that carries on long after the exit of some of the best staffers in the history of the company. Because of the personality that management works to associate with the business rather than just the employees, good businesses survive almost on their own.

Famous Wall Street Investor Peter Lynch once said, “Go for a business that any idiot can run – because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it.”

Because you are smart, you will heed Lynch’s advice and build a brand that will survive any idiot… just in case he’s right.

If you are going to build on the backs of personal profiles, make sure you choose people who will more than likely be at the company for a good long time. At BrightBox, founders Jason Arcemont and Patrick McDonough have used the power of their own personalities to expand business and represent a cool, calm, engaging personality for the brand itself. BrightBox pitch meetings often leave clients telling us that they wish every meeting was like the one they have with us. For that reason, our sales conversion record is outstanding, and we have become one of the fastest growing branding firms in the entire world.

Give your brand a personality and play on the people who will be there for a good long time to find that personality. Your CEO and other board members should be an integral part of what your brand is about. If you need to hire people who are professional and effective at establishing an image, do it. Never skimp on the growth and evolution of your personal, emotional connection with customers.