Earth day, which was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, was first celebrated on April 22 1970. This has been celebrated in many countries around the world since, where people demonstrate the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment. The year 2007 marks the largest to date, estimates show over a billion people around the world participated in doing their part. So what will you be doing this April 22nd?

Instead of limiting it to just one day, we should all be participating and be aware of keeping our earth green on a daily basis. There are tons of simple things we can all start with that makes a world of a difference for the environment.

How about starting with something simple in the “digital age” we now live in, and try to use less amounts of mashed up, bleached tree pulp, better known as paper. Try to keep things digital and dematerialized whenever possible especially around the office.

The more documents you save online and on your desktop, the less paper you will need to try to keep track of lost and forgotten in a filing cabinet, shoved in desk drawers or scattered in piles all over you desk which are usually too unorganized to go through anyways. Using less paper is helpful towards the environment and it will save you time and money spent on paper products and trying to keep it organized.

Review paperwork on the computer rather then printing them out every time, send newsletters and memos via email, make reports and datasheets available online, use PowerPoint instead of paper handouts and when paper is absolutely necessary try to reuse, recycle and use less by printing on both sides.

            There are so many ways to keep the environment healthier such as using less paper, recycling, using less electricity when possible, using products made from recycled materials and so much more. So remember to start this April 22 to do you part, every little bit counts to keep Mother Earth beautiful.



Did you know?

-The average office worker throws away 4lbs of high-grade paper every week that   doesn’t get recycled

-Texans alone dump enough trash every two weeks to fill the Astrodome

-Recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a TV for 3 hours

-High-grade paper is the largest single component in a landfill

-Every day American businesses generate enough paper to circle the earth 20 times.


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