At BrightBox, we are interested in combining creativity with strategy to find what is best when it comes to representing our clients. We have done everything we can over the years to test and create plans that work.

What works is branding.

And as part of the branding process, we use several other disciplinary tactics: Sales, Marketing, and PR.

When trade economies first started, the practice of gaining resources was very crude. Hustlers traded chickens for cows, and the fluctuation rates of different goods was subject to the whim of the moment of trade. The more you could talk your trading partner into taking from you, the better off you were. Moment to moment persuasion of customers was the name of the game. If you could talk a good exchange and had a good game plan going into the trade, you could usually pitch, close and walk away with plenty of toys.

As business evolved, countries began using standardized currency to avoid turning every business into a currency broker. Instead of baking ten loaves of bread and acting as a break broker, bakers could now trade their bread for a small exchange fee that would allow them far greater flexibility in future purchases. Business still involved individual persuasion, but finding and creating customers on a mass scale, through the alteration of production, promotion, price and product, took the place of individual persuasion. Rather than focus solely on individual sales tactics, companies began hunting for customers with sophisticated techniques. They began marketing.

In the modern era, companies have begun to realize that there are more resources in the world than just dollars. Your public image and all of the goodwill that comes with representing strong attributes and characteristics carries you far in business. While BP has to spend obscenely large parts of its business day inoculating itself against possible attacks on its character. Meanwhile, Johnson and Johnson gets extra credit for having so excellently handled past crises. Merely by being responsible, a company can establish a positive image in the public eye through one of the most advanced tactics in the business playbook: Public Relations.

In the modern era, the most advanced form of business progression is better than sales, marketing, and PR put together: Branding. Branding involves creating an emotional connection with consumers. Branding means representing ideas in the public mind and using those ideas to facilitate great business. When people think of your organization, you want several very key and very easily identified ideas to come to the forefront, and those ideas only stick out because you have done such excellent work creating and building your brand.

None of that detracts from the value of sales, marketing, and public relations. Rather, consider all of those tactics part of the branding process itself. Now, you need a brand to be able to perform any of the aforementioned tasks. The only way to survive in this communication and business environment is by having a brand and using brand power to drive your business.

Lucky for us, BrightBox is branding.

Because of the power and singularity of that concept, our company has grown as fast as any on the planet over the last five years. Branding has been a powerful self-fulfilling concept for us. The more success we have, the more our brand shines because of what we do for other brands. We have found a powerful emotional connection in the marketplace.

If you are currently competing in a crowded marketplace without powerful brand recognition, you are at a severe- likely impossible to overcome- disadvantage. Develop your brand first. Make it your priority.