Putting Intention in Your Brand.

Of the thousands of new brands that launch every year, only a handful survive. And only a fraction of the brands that make it past start-up truly thrive. Businesses need engaging creative and solid execution to gain traction and grow to prominence; even the world’s most established brands continually strategize to defend their status as leaders in their markets.

BrightBox’s team of creatives and seasoned marketing strategists have successfully launched new businesses and kept old ones relevant with fresh content and direction. We’re professional story-tellers of consumer products and business-to-business services, aiming to draw consumers in and keep your brand at the forefront of their imaginations.

At BrightBox, we use a thorough strategic marketing process:

1. Identify key markets
2. Prioritize target prospects
3. Develops sales, marketing, and communications plans
4. Establish timelines
5. Determine budgets needed to grow your brand into an unstoppable force for years to come.