Social media might be one of the hottest buzzwords in the entire world right now. Social media has been credited with humanizing large companies, toppling governments, and creating new celebrities.

As a full-service brand marketing firm, we find this trend extremely fascinating—and extremely important. Spotting marketing trends before they develop is essential to our business, so we keep a keen eye on how to best serve our customers. And social media has increasingly become one of the most commonly used business tools in the world, making it something we absolutely need to know about.

Now and then, we see a client (or a blogger looking to stir up controversy) say that social media is overblown, that interaction and customer engagement actually has a much smaller effect on sales than previously thought. However, we know for a fact that this isn’t the case. And we don’t need complicated metrics to prove it, either. No, we know that social media matters because it directly affects search rankings.

And we know that to be true because Google says it does.

No one knows Google’s exact search ranking algorithm. It’s a secret more guarded than KFC’s special sauce. But what we do know is that the search giant’s most recent updates place a heavier emphasis on search than ever before, forcing brands all across the globe to take on social and approach it as a conversationalist. Getting found online is important; almost all businesses would agree with that. Google is the golden ticket to getting found online. And now, social media is a key factor in ranking on Google.

So stop falling back in the social media pack. Find out what BrightBox has done for our clients and how we can help you rise to the top.

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