In their ongoing blog, One Seven Two Arts & Photography recently addressed the value of custom photography versus stock images. While on the surface, using stock pictures on websites and in printed collateral may seem like a money saving option, it could actually cost your company business in the long run.

One day of shooting by a professional photographer can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but the finished product is a package of custom images that genuinely represent your brand and establish an emotional connection with your clientele. Custom photography is also something you can use over and over again without limit, whereas a single stock photo usually entails a $50 royalty fee per use.

“[Stock photography] may be cheap but so is the effect,” said blogger, Eric Setter. “It’s often pristine but plastic and if clients and customers can’t see or feel the tie-in to you, the images leave a bland aftertaste. Bland doesn’t connect (in a good way), bland doesn’t represent you well either. People crave real. Idealized, sure, but real.”

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