A web site that can’t be seen can’t be used to build business.

At BrightBox, we are often visited by prospective clients with web sites that are not only clunky and difficult to use, but actually impossible to see on the ever-expanding variety of mobile devices.

Which is a problem.

The lack of technological compatibility can be a death knell for a modern business because it sends the message that the business method and philosophy of the company are outdated and out of touch. Worse, mobile customers become impossible to reach, thus leaving a potential market forever untapped.

And mobile customers, especially the technologically inclined, are good consumers. They have money, and they’re clearly willing to spend.


In the mid nineties, when the internet was just becoming a mainstream household item, the concept of displaying your web site to the internet masses was cut and dry. Aside from a few browser-based considerations, there was little in the way of businesses reaching consumers. Exposure had far less to do with compatibility than with the general ability to drive people toward your actual website.

Over the last ten years, the internet has entered the pocket of practically every man, woman and child in the United States, and not just on laptop computers. Phones and tablets have swept the country, and tablets may someday even replace laptops as the primary means of mobile website browsing. Experts expect mobile web users to reach almost a billion people by 2012.Technologies may integrate even more, out of convenience and market forces.


Because of the changing landscape, BrightBox has built several effective packages for businesses looking for technology-focused compatibility solutions mean to reinforce brands in the minds of our customers. As a business, you now more than ever) need to make sure your message comes across on these mobile devices. By not having a website that can be seen by the local techie in his favorite coffee shop, you run the risk of losing potential customers and valuable, word of mouth marketing.

In addition, you should ensure that your website is not only viewable, but actually usable. Studies show that if the average website visitor can’t find the information they’re seeking within 8 seconds of arriving, they’ll leave. With the abundance of information bombarding the average consumer on a regular basis, you are in no position to make the life of your possible clients any more difficult than it already is. They will look elsewhere. In a world where people are reading your site content on miniscule screens, and interacting with blunt fingertips instead of a mouse cursor, usability becomes a major concern.

Don’t lose consumers for lack of compatibility. Make your site viewable and user-friendly.

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