Photo: Ariel Zambelich / Wired

Photo: Ariel Zambelich / Wired

We’ve said it time and time again: “Your email newsletter is MORE important than your Twitter feed or even your Facebook page.”


Well, as WIRED demonstrates in this article, email marketing converts to sales at a much higher rate than social media profiles do. In fact, email customers were about 7% more likely to make a purchase than social media customers.

We’d also like to add that you OWN your email contact list. You don’t own your Facebook page. Unless you pay a fee or buy an add, when someone “Likes” your page, you have no guarantee your posts will show up in their timeline, or that they’ll ever visit your page again. You also have no guarantee that you won’t get hacked, or that a Facebook bug won’t erroneously lock up or delete your page. If something like that ever happened, you could lose what little access you have to your entire audience.

One the other hand, when someone subscribes to your email list, you have direct, unrestricted, and uncensored access to that individual’s inbox.  By signing up, your subscriber is basically saying, “Sell me something! Keep me informed! I want VIP access!”

Yes, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are valuable, but there’s a middle man involved.  Your email newsletter is the most powerful digital marketing tool you own … except, of course, for your website!

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