Getting Social

Ok, love him or hate him, Ashton Kutcher's stunt last week probably did more for Twitter than all of their previous marketing efforts combined (I have to imagine their VC's are suddenly huge fans of "That 70s Show"). That, and Big O's arrival, have elevated social networking's profile considerably. But in reality, most people have [...]

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Houston Rockets need a new logo.

Since the inception of the Rockets’ logo in 2003/04, I have felt very strongly, that it does not represent the franchise well at all. To me it looks like “blood dripping”. It’s more “Ninja-Katana”, than it is “Space City - Blast-Off!” Also, with a new logo, should come a new uni. The current uniform is [...]

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Our Philosophy

The right way to approach branding. Most graphic designers offer logo and corporate identity services. But a logo is not a brand. Letterhead, envelopes, even Web sites are not your brand. And in the absence of strategy, creativity is worthless. Brightbox is a strategic brand marketing and design firm. We recognize that successful branding starts [...]

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What’s For Lunch?

Recent studies have shown that weekday packed lunches are no longer just for the kids. More and more adults are “brown bagging” as a result of the economy. Although it may be becoming more popular because people want to save money, it also can serve for healthier eating habits. You are able to control the [...]

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New BrightBox Website is Up

We just launched the new BrightBox website! New look, new focus, new ideas. One big change is in our examples section. We decided to do away with the standard design portfolio, and instead, used case studies to show off our work. Every time I meet someone in the marketing industry and tell them I'm the [...]

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Remember to do your part on Earth Day

Earth day, which was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, was first celebrated on April 22 1970. This has been celebrated in many countries around the world since, where people demonstrate the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment. The year 2007 marks the largest to date, estimates show over a billion [...]

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