Lessons in leadership and communication from Tiger

  Tiger Woods has been criticized time and time again throughout his career. He has served as the punching bag for social activists who believe Tiger hasn't done enough for minorities. Fellow professional golfers publicly challenged Tiger's decision to change his swing when he was already number one in the world. And then before the [...]

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The key to issues management often is to get people to do nothing

A couple years out of college, while working as an account executive at an Arizona public relations/public affairs firm, I helped spearhead a public relations campaign related to the first proposed and privately built toll road in Arizona (the project shut down after a comprehensive economic evaluation concluded that the financials wouldn't work). We were [...]

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It’s not my fault! Sound familiar?

An article in a 2008 New York Times titled "Where the Fingers Are Pointing" opens with this line: "When money managers make good investments, they are happy to take credit for brilliance. When they make bad investments, they would rather the blame go elsewhere." You could pretty much substitute "money managers" with any other title [...]

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