Houston, Texas (June 20, 2011) — BrightBox is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Blend Design Group, a Houston-based design firm specializing in graphic design, web design, branding, illustration and much more. The company was first founded a little over two years ago.
“We saw this as an opportunity to grow and expand as an agency, and we just couldn’t pass it up,” BrightBox President Jason Arcemont said.
Annette McBride of Blend will be joining the BrightBox team this week. McBride has extensive expertise in the design industry, and is familiar with everything from graphic design to color management. She also has an impressive sales background.
“It’ will be great to see the result of McBride’s experience combined with the principles we’ve put in place at BrightBox,” Arcemont said.
Besides great knowledge of the design world, Annette also has great expertise in the print and paper industry as well. She focuses heavily on not only the design and layout of a piece, but on the printing process and materials as well. McBride’s knowledge of printing methods and different kinds of papers and materials is unparalleled. This great comprehension and understanding between design and print will be an asset to BrightBox, as it works directly with its sister company InkBox Printing on a daily basis.
BrightBox focuses on creating and implementing marketing and branding strategies that really connect with and appeal to audiences. These standards and beliefs combined with the experience of Blend Design Group will present even more opportunities for the BrightBox team. With the rate the clientele, team and experience is growing at BrightBox, the future is looking promising, and opportunities endless for the team.
Lauren Simpson, Media Relations