The Right Social Media for You: 5 Members of the Social Media Family

Social media is the hottest thing to hit business since the press release, but it’s also just as overused. Just as a company doesn’t need to announce every little movement by way of press release, you also don’t need to use every social media tool that comes out. While you should never close the door to the most advanced marketing tactics, some methods of communicating with customers are best limited to their most effective use. Clients often come to BrightBox asking about how they can bulk up their social media presence. We definitely encourage any company to investigate that kind of opportunity, but you should know the capabilities of each social media and use different tools in the right way.

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Power of Personality

BrightBox is a brand that brands other brands. It’s our job to make sure that your brand has support and can stand on its own two legs. Without branding, your business is built solely on the backs of the individuals that work there. If you have been hiring the right people the right way, those people are probably great. And because your team of employees is so great, they find the opportunity to make more money elsewhere and leave you, or move to Nebraska to look after a sick parent, or accompany a spouse on a change in residence to a more suiting geographic location. Some of them just outgrow your business, or want to change careers and have to leave to pursue their passions. And because you are a decent human being you will probably give them a reference and help them find placement in a new position with another company.

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Five Types of Role-players you (want)/NEED in your Business

A wise businessman once told me, “You don’t need to know how to do everything, but you need to know people who can.” BrightBox, started by a networking mastermind and a top-notch audio-visual professional, has run with that philosophy from day one. By hiring a broad array of specialists, BrightBox has been able to help a better variety of clients with a broad number of exciting challenges. You should do the same.

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BrightBox Brand Divergence: Narrow Your Focus

When someone asks a BrightBox employee what we do, we tell them in three words: BrightBox is Branding. That way, the clients can decide for themselves if they want to dig deeper and see what else is in our toolbox. We don’t have to explain that we build web sites, create brochures, issue press releases, build social networks, close sales… we just tell people we brand. All of those tools are elements of our identity that come out as people get to know us better.

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The Five Types of Speech Your Business Should Avoid

One of the biggest issues BrightBox runs into on a consistent basis is out of place, schizophrenic business writing. Many of our clients come to us with patchwork messaging thrown together from some motley crue of part time staffers, receptionists, interns and custodians. Talk about a train wreck! Branding is about image and character. If you’re an oil and gas company, the last thing you need is flowery poems about the landscape of Northern Ireland.

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