When BrightBox begins a project, we begin to craft not only an image but a story to go with it. A brand is much better at creating an emotional connection if it has the elements of a story. BrightBox is headed up by its founders Jason Arcemont and Patrick McDonough (protagonists). We constantly seek to establish ourselves as the best branding firm in the world (goal and motivation). Sometimes issues arise from the business environment (conflict), but we work to proactively prevent them and deal with them as they come (plot development). Consider these five ways of using the narrative to build your brand.

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10 Essential Aspects of Your Brand

The business landscape is much like a city street. Getting noticed isn’t easy. The average consumer is drowning in commercials, telemarketing calls, spam emails, news articles, billboards, coupons, PSAs, sales pitches, sweepstakes, popups… Information overload! How on Earth are you supposed to claw through all of that mess and find your market? BrightBox is here to help. Our clients often come to us with a novice understanding of communication and leave with the tools they need to find customers and capture their attention and imagination.

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MERGER BRANDING: The BrightBox-Pop Labs Case Study

BrightBox has now added the incredible advantage of diversity and revenue power with its mutual merger with Pop Labs, one of the world’s leaders in online and internet digital and interactive marketing. As social media evolves and becomes more complex, BrightBox has now built a creative and strategic partnership with a company whose elements will work complementarily and symbiotically to create a better business.

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