Keep Your Hands Off My Brand! 3 Examples of Why Marketers Shouldn’t Tinker With a Winner

When BrightBox first performs a brand analysis, it gets to the root of what companies want specific brands to represent. Our clients are in control of their own creative process. Our job is to get to the root of what they want for their brands, how they want them to grow and evolve. Usually, we discover some very specific elements we can accentuate to really make their symbolism clear. By emphasizing a well-designed collection of business characteristics, BrightBox establishes proper plans to fit specific contexts. Your first priority is to create an emotional connection with your customers. Marketing with singularity and classic leadership in a category helps you achieve that connection. And once you do... don't tinker your way out of it!

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BLACK SWAN BRANDING: Preparing for Brand Uncertainty

BrightBox has become accustomed to helping brands who once depended on long-term business models based on stable environments. While we encourage long-term perspective and managed outlook, we have also come to the conclusion that we have no way of knowing the future. Our acknowledgement of our own inability to see what will happen next has given us great strength. Because we know that a solid brand is one of the only stable requirements in the business world, we have built our business surrounding a concept with great staying power. Branding is one of the only consistent protections against the grand uncertainty that dominates the business landscape. In other words, branding helps survive black swans.

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