The Short, Medium, and Long of Branding

Many BrightBox clients ask us where to spend the majority of their concentration on their brand. To answer that question, we have developed a broad range of reasons for how you might assess the focus of your energy. One way to view your company is to divide up your branding process into three parts: short, medium and long.

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Aura of the Brand

BrightBox clients are usually very good at the textbook concept of business but miss out on the important psychological factors related to enhancing the reputation of the product. Because of the usefulness and value of their products, these clients tend to overlook the fact that they have to get others to see what they’re seeing. BrightBox knows that you can’t market without a brand, and understands that branding is applying your name to everything.

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5 Branding Blunders (And How to Avoid Them)

Every day in America, an entrepreneur gets a new idea. That means great things for BrightBox. We thrive on helping people with new ideas achieve their dreams. Clients are the key for BrightBox branding efforts. Because we specialize in branding, we know the cost of the tools necessary for individualized branding efforts. Sometimes, we hear horror stories that come with branding efforts prior to meeting our clients. Branding difficulty comes in many packages, all dealing with different parts of your business. Try to avoid these five branding horrors.

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Take Note of These Branding Trends NOW (Before You Go Out of Business)

rightBox team members tend to focus on portraying an outward image on behalf of our clients by tying short, powerful characteristics to their brands. Sometimes, we like to use news and current events to our advantage by positioning brands against the world landscape. Everything needs context. Over the last few years, we have observed several important, undeniable trends that have affected American business

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Why Your Website MUST Be Mobile Compatible

A web site that can’t be seen can’t be used to build business. At BrightBox, we are often visited by prospective clients with web sites that are not only clunky and difficult to use, but actually impossible to see on the ever-expanding variety of mobile devices. Which is a problem. The lack of technological compatibility can be a death knell for a modern business because it sends the message that the business method and philosophy of the company are outdated and out of touch. Worse, mobile customers become impossible to reach, thus leaving a potential market forever untapped. And mobile customers, especially the technologically inclined, are good consumers. They have money, and they’re clearly willing to spend.

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AVOIDING ICEBERGS: How to Steer Your Brand

BrightBox is one of the best at taking flabby, drab, out of shape brands and turning them into lean, mean fighting machines. We pride ourselves on building brands that create instant impacts and command their own market. Some of our clients come to us with confusing, chaotic, nearly meaningless brand names that represent either nothing or the wrong thing in the public eye. Or worse, some of our clients have had names that represent the exact OPPOSITE of what their business SHOULD represent, something along the lines of “Anvil Skydiving Adventures” or “Welt’s Beauty Products”. Like a dedicated ship captain, you should always keep an eye out to ensure that your brand isn’t headed toward an iceberg. Here are five factors to consider so your brand doesn’t become the business version of the Titanic.

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