Last month, BrightBox Creative Director Patrick McDonough reviewed the Domino’s logo upgrade (you can relax now, Domino’s; he approves). Recently, Wendy’s went through a logo change as well.

McDonough’s take on the new logo. Not as good as Domino’s, to say the least.

“It feels very confused about what it wants to be. Wendy’s has always had a traditional feel. Their former logo had “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” written in it. The new logo feels like they wanted a clean, modern look (which is a mistake), but couldn’t quite let go of the traditional-looking drawing of Wendy. In the end it feels really flat and thin.”

Usually a logo looks better when made simpler, but not this time.

“In general, I’m a fan of reducing complexity in logos to make them simpler and more iconic, but they lost something in that process. When a brand has always represented tradition and “old fashioned hamburgers” I don’t think a single thin border around the icon works well. The typography feels disconnected form the icon now too. There’s no visual element connecting them, and the frame that used to house them is gone.”

Official Verdict?

“Overall, I’d call it a failure. I appreciate the idea they were going for, but the execution is lacking.”

Moral of the story? Don’t be like Wendy’s. Get a logo that complements your brand and overall image. Contact BrightBox at ideas@brightboxonline.com. We’ll look at your logo for free.