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03.31.16 @ 8:43am

BrightBox Lands Antarctic Freedom Run Account

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Houston, TX (Friday, April 1, 2016)- Texas-based agency BrightBox Brand Marketing landed its most lucrative campaign to date as the agency-of-record and business development team behind The Antarctic Freedom Run, a 30-day, 850-mile trek across Antarctica. Several service reps will travel to the world’s coldest region later this year to conduct focus groups with local populations in small Antarctic towns. Proceeds from the run will benefit the Antarctica Reads Association, a charity dedicated to expanding Antarctic literacy programs.

The Antarctic Freedom Run was arranged after BrightBox Founder Jason Arcemont’s Texas Freedom Run– a feat of the same distance across the State of Texas to raise awareness of child sex trafficking in October of 2014- caught the attention of Antarctic Governor Ted Wellsby. Wellsby immediately set to work developing the Antarctic Freedom Run.

“It’s a great honor to not only unite with Antarcticans but also build a better world through our efforts as an agency,” said BrightBox Business Development Director Dane Wayne. “Americans and Antarcticans really aren’t so different.”

Logos, taglines, and a new website for the run have not yet been released, but anticipation is high. BrightBox Brand Marketing has a history of strong slogans, clean websites and award-winning graphic design.

“It may be April Fool’s Day online, but brand marketing is no joke,” Wayne added. “Get your brand in order with BrightBox.