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What Branding Means to Us

BrightBox doesn't take the word "branding" lightly. It's not just pretty, creative, catchy and a touchy-feely website. It's business.

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Brand-Centric Printing

We once printed the Declaration of Independence on a grain of rice. Don’t bother fact checking that. It’s true. Accept it.

Paper Makes the Difference

No different than any other strategic choice our firm makes for your brand, The Brand MapTM drives printing too. We take pride in not only providing the strategy to build your brand but also in the expertise to know how to bring it to market in the best way. Having dependable and forceful vehicles to communicate your brand are very important. Where your website’s platform, SEO authority and digital advertising are all chosen strategically, so is your printing. Here, we’re talking paper and ink–paper especially. The decision on paper is not a flippant one, although your local corner store copier might tell you otherwise. Paper has proven to make the difference across multiple verticals like banking and car dealerships whereby altering their stationery texture has improved drastically consumers envelope open rate and conversion. Arguably enough, how you look and feel is as important as what you say because every target audience does in fact judge a brand like a book–by its cover.

The world of paper is ever-growing in selection -- weights, styles, colors, grades, textures and more. By industry standards, consumer preferences and our own expert intuition we help stack you with a paper suite that will give you the polished, memorable look you’re looking for. Always custom and always brand-centric.

Printing 101

Strictly digital marketers and dominant tech companies will try to convince you they’re taking over all communication channels. Please don’t take their word for it. Statistics show everyday consumers still value print, still cling to nostalgic paper textures and request in-hands collateral they can literally fold, write on and pin on their bulletin or fridge. In recent years, there has actually been a new shift in human communication habits and preferences. With the rise of smartphones and touch screen monitors, touch is the largest growing sense being used in communication. What does this mean for printing? More than ever, consumers are recognizing how things feel. They want to put to their hands on what you’re selling and convert more to sales when they can do so. Digital printing and and offset alike, we create a printing program backed by brand strategy to position your marketing touch points to make the strongest impression you can. Nothing goes without thought from our team of experts, from business cards to large format graphics.