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BrightBox doesn't take the word "branding" lightly. It's not just pretty, creative, catchy and a touchy-feely website. It's business.

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Creative Design

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Logo Development

You should strive for iconic. There is much to said about Coca-Cola’s typeface or the Nike swoosh. In fact, too much. It’s difficult to communicate concisely or stress enough the importance of a strong logo to symbolize your entire brand identity. By real estate alone, this symbol usually sits modestly in the corner or top of any given collateral, but by meaning and longevity, it is the most necessary element for your brand.

The necessity of a powerful logo is varied across every industry, but we stand firm in the belief that every vertical we serve needs custom, meaningful and successful brand visuals. If brand creative were stacked as a pyramid, your logo will sit at the very top, reigning as the most pivotal design tool you’ve got. The marriage of a unique icon and typeface will become your symbol to the world. Own it and never abandon it, or you’ll feel the consequences of poor brand integrity.


Even before our creative team starts conceptualizing what your logo should be, we take The Brand MapTM’s findings and first evaluate your color palette. Often, clients find it unusual to hear that we first look at color before anything else. The truth is that while logos are how you communicate your name to the world, a defining color palette is how the market will remember you. AT&T is blue, Verizon is red, Sprint is yellow and T-Mobile is pink. You didn’t need us to tell you that because your brain is conditioned to associate color with different things you’ve seen.

We pair color psychology and theory with our brand strategy from your Brand MappingTM process to give you a color palette that, while showing credibility in your industry, shocks your competition and catches the eyes of your target audience.


In basic terms, a typeface is a font choice. A style is established in your brand’s appearance the moment you choose the look of your messaging. Serif fonts and sans serif fonts alike, typography is an entire study itself. The ins and outs of decision-making for type is endless, but we stick close to The Brand MapTM for guidance. We choose fonts based on your brand image and your industry landscape. Always following with Google and web standards, we use strategy and functionality to determine what fonts will communicate your messaging and look in the best light to your audience.

Supporting Visuals

Typically, brands opt for a lack of texture in their initial logos and branding items and use it to highlight experiences and emotions in their marketing. For instance, Under Armour uses no texture in their main logo, but they will often place their logo over textures for different ad campaigns that focus on the durability of their shoes and clothing.

Texture, shape and photography alike are what polishes off your brand through and through. Visuals speak volumes (“a picture’s worth a thousand words”), but visuals can be abstract. Often photography can make or break your message to the consumer. Companies often have a hard time seeing the value in custom photography, and the consequences are proven. By providing your audience with supportive images and graphics, they can buy into a lifestyle they want–a lifestyle they can get one step closer to by buying into your product or service. And while supporting visual components are essential, they always will follow your logo, colors and main messaging in priority.

Essential Brand Collateral

Upon completing The Brand MapTM, our team returns to you with a stacked brand presentation with every one of our findings. Through research, development and strategic analysis, we create your logo and determine your colors, fonts and supporting visuals. We conclude by revealing to you how every creative element works together in your core brand collateral. This includes your website design, business cards, letterhead and envelope, folder or brochure cover and more. Each piece shows how every creative element is integrated and thoughtfully consistent. In both print and digital deliverables, your essential brand collateral is made with intention, creativity and strategy to give you a polished look your audience can’t ignore.