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BrightBox doesn't take the word "branding" lightly. It's not just pretty, creative, catchy and a touchy-feely website. It's business.

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Promotional & Specialty Products

Your custom branded electric scissors with built-in hand warmers have arrived.

Why Custom-Branded Promos Matter

Traditional branding tools like business cards and brochures can only physically go so far. Unless someone is making the deliberate attempt to review your products and services or contact your salesperson, more often than not, your brand is out of sight, out of mind. For that reason, you need creative ways to force your brand before your target’s eyes. Let them “use” your brand for daily activities or to fulfill daily needs. By having your brand be the gizmo or gadget that helps a consumer accomplish something they need or desire, they thank you for it by remembering your logo, finally calling you back or becoming lasting brand ambassadors. Having custom-branded and specialty promotional items elevates your brand in three ways above the rest. You now can travel far and wide beyond a tradeshow or sales meeting. You leave a strong lasting impression by providing a functional use to your target audience. And you lend appreciation and thanks to consumers by simply giving more to them. Everyone likes free gifts, and if you’re logo and website are predominantly displayed on whatever the gift is, it’s a win-win. Specialty promos keep your brand “first of mind” to customers and let them feel recognized and catered to.

At BrightBox, we see this as a no brainer when building marketing campaigns. We find a seamless way to incorporate specialty products as a touch point for your customers. Having these made and packaged under the same roof, for example, as your printing and your digital advertising allows you to control your brand better, achieve heightened brand consistency and ultimately reduce time and energy spent with multiple vendors.

Gifts & Giveaways Like Never Before

Specialty and promotional products can be cheap, useless and subpar. We understand that stigma of the “old way of doing things”. But we leave that behind and present to you a new way to leave lasting impressions on your target audience. The goal here is to remain “first of mind” to consumers in your marketspace. Sure, there is always a place for keychains, pens and magnets, but we believe in pushing your promos to the limit. How far can you go to make the biggest splash at a tradeshow or special event? We believe in giving you a unique and thoughtful list of specialty products that are specific to your needs. Our BrightBox team follows latest trends and pride ourselves in being first adopters of the latest in promos. We listen to what people are saying and we bring a promo strategy that is unmatched. Over-saturation of the same old things doesn’t mean that promos are out. It means that you have infinite possibilities to try something new and positively shock your target audience.

The internet has crushed the traditional catalog, and the field to finding the perfect promo piece is open to everyone, 24/7. But we believe in custom branding backed by strategy only found through The Brand MapTM. We will create a unique, tangible embodiment of your brand that no fly-by-night website sample duplicates. We talk to you about what you want to achieve, your audience, position in the marketplace, timeline and budget. Only then do we come back to you with a tailored selection of products that will maximize your ROI.

Our tactical marketing tools create an extension of your brand that seamlessly complements our other services.

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  • Product Launches
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  • Packaging
  • Custom Apparel
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