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What Branding Means to Us

BrightBox doesn't take the word "branding" lightly. It's not just pretty, creative, catchy and a touchy-feely website. It's business.

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Video & Animation

Motion graphics, animation and real footage of people and products: your surefire way to say a lot in a little.

Why Video

Video is easy to digest and hard to forget. Google incorporates video content into its algorithm more strongly than ever. Furthermore, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Even if your customers rarely purchase based on online search, a strong video at live presentations, supporting content on your website or distributed through an email marketing campaign can be a powerful tool of an even greater strategy to bring your brand, product, and or service to market.

BrightBox’s award-winning digital production department uses the latest technology to produce both animated and live-action videos with rich graphics, production quality sound design and writing that intrigues and informs. It is a rare occasion when a particular marketing tool can incorporate so many areas of our team in such a detailed way. Video does just that. It is the culmination of strategy, design, content and digital implementation that is a surefire way to communicate more with less. Your target audience will thank you for giving a brief and clear way of learning about what your brand stands for, what needs your services meet and how you can benefit their lives.

No Video is Alike

Video comes in many forms. For every purpose you have, video can be tailored to help meet various business objectives whether it be converting website users, describing products and services or capturing positive feedback from existing customers. There is tremendous uniqueness and value in having quality video produced for your brand. BrightBox builds video programs that meet your industry’s standards of what style of video works best to acquire and retain new clients.

From customer testimonials to tradeshow motion graphics, we film, animate and produce top-notch video that integrates with your overall brand strategy and marketing implementation.

  • Sales Videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Tradeshow Motion Graphics
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Television Commercials
  • News Releases
  • Internal Training Videos

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