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What Branding Means to Us

BrightBox doesn't take the word "branding" lightly. It's not just pretty, creative, catchy and a touchy-feely website. It's business.

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Website Design & Development

Your website is your lifeline — your pulse for every marketing move you make.

What Makes Our Websites Better

Best Web Development Houston | BrightBox — Your company is facing one of two things. Your business is booming but competition with quality branding is starting to dominate your marketplace. Or your company’s website is simply losing its luster and is in need of some major brand renovation. In both circumstances, BrightBox is here to build you a top notch website with quality branding, backed by proven results and a rapid turnaround unlike any other agency standard.

BrightBox has a top-of-the-line web design and development team, and we design and develop strong websites that help elevate your brand in any given market. From start to finish, our team gives you peace of mind that a quality website will be delivered with all the bells and whistles that you’ll read about below.

Not everyone needs or can afford a full brand overhaul, but everyone needs a sustainable and powerful online presence to compete in the business world we all live in. BrightBox does just that.

Superior User Experience (UX)

The internet has changed the way the world shops; it has given consumers a platform to research brands and products so they can make the best purchase possible. For instance, a recent study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank determined that 4 out of 5 consumers research online before going to the store. This includes browsing reviews and blogs, but at the center of consumer research is your brand’s website and all the collateral your brand puts online. The websites we design are intuitive, beautiful, and enlightening. Our aim is to create an online customer experience that feels as natural as possible while presenting your brand in a fresh, captivating way that teaches buyers all they need to know to feel confident about taking action. BrightBox’s team of graphic designers, web developers, writers, search engine optimizers, and marketing specialists, make sure you are professionally represented and showcased online.

Strategy-Driven Design

Website design backed by strategic thinkers and branding heroes, our graphic design team goes beyond pretty surface-level looks. We take the time necessary to find the best solutions for your company’s needs to increase traffic and brand awareness and in the right setting, help you reach your untapped market that awaits. Beyond fonts and colors and layout, our creative team members pull together strategy and good looks to brand your online presence with perfection. From creating as many brands from the ground up as we have, we know industry standards, how far you can push the envelope and what you’ve got to do visually to get attention, capture market share and keep growing as a business.

Sometimes your brand isn’t “brand” new. It’s been around since the stone age of dial up internet. And that’s okay. We can overhaul entire rebrands with the same finesse and innovation as an entirely new brand. Working with long-lived equity built brands doesn’t scare us, as we take you through the same process as any other client. We discover new opportunities to freshen up your brand’s aesthetic to move your company into the future of bigger and better success. A website re-design might seem strenuous, but our team makes it easy with proven results on our streamlined process sure to give you peace of mind.

Custom-Branded Websites

The “world wide web” is jam packed with a wide sampling of website themes that anybody can buy for a small fee, throw in some content and photos and call it a day. Chances are, another company coming up the ranks will have your exact site and you’ll be left wishing you didn’t sell out for something basic.

Creative User Interface (UI)

Our graphic design team starts every website project with a technical diagram and visual wireframe. These consist of a detailed chart of functionality, sequencing and relationship between every working part of a site along with a scaled back, grayed out version of your new relevant site pages. Strategy-driven and thoroughly reviewed, every call to action, banner image, portion of content and page provided is arranged with intent and purpose to help you convey your brand message better.

Upon approval, our team takes every client through the initial web design review. Our creative problem solvers add aesthetics to your wireframe and just like that, you see your new brand come to life. Full of color, typography, site map integration and more, your website now has the character and consistency to drive sales higher and brand awareness through the roof.

Then the building begins and our web development team starts coding and crafting your website into a living being, ready to reach endless end users that you can then convert into clients.

Innovative Web Development

The science of website development goes far beyond your standard HTML tags. It’s a continuous learning curve that our team climbs with determination. Determination to bring each and every website innovative solutions and features to revolutionize user experience. With a skilled team of programmers, interactive coders and problem solvers, our development team raises the bar on website building. With new features, plugins and tricks of the trade, our team has the know-how to separate you from your competition by creating more than stagnant pages of monotony. BrightBox builds with the end user in mind to help you convert clicks to clients, interaction to hard sales.

Responsive Design & Development

The important thing is just to have a website that looks great and works well on desktop monitors. Wrong! If you just heard that sounding buzzer of failure, your hearing is on point. No modern-day website lives by desktop alone. We would even go one step further in saying that desktop is the least of our worries. Mobile and tablet use by far supercede desktop use by the general population and audiences in most industries match the average. For that reason, we rigidly build strategy and creative to ensure wherever your audience is communicating with you the most is where we begin. Be it mobile, tablet or desktop, we want every customer to see your brand in the same impactful way. Therefore, we design and develop websites to respond to various sizes and specs that will not hinder a user’s experience but actually improve it. Nothing is worse than an unusable contact form or micro-sized text from a poorly developed website on mobile. We understand, and we will “respond” accordingly.

Multi-Platform Coding

The world of websites is multi-lingual. With numerous coding languages, rest assured that you’ll never have to quiver in confusion about what HTML, CSS, PHP and so much more means. You can trust that our development team is well-versed in nearly every platform imaginable, and if not, we source the right support to ensure that every project BrightBox manages is done with the utmost care. Where WordPress is a good go-to, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, and dare we say it, Squarespace, are not foreign terms to us. We’ll remain unbiased to set you up with the platform that is best for your needs and the objectives of your website. Have no fear, we’ll translate for you.

Industry Integrated Tools

From extensive experience across a wide variety of industries, BrightBox knows that not all websites are or should be the same to the end user. A donut shop is not selling the same brand, products, services and experience as a major offshore drilling corporation. For this reason, we tailor every website to help better sell your business specifically within the industry landscape you live in. Such industry integrated tools include but of course aren’t limited to shopping carts, data collection, forms, user accounts and more. We custom fit the tools necessary to exceed your expectations and fulfill your brand’s every need.

Conversion Tactics

A dining room table can be custom built, strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing, but if you don’t gather people around it to enjoy, share and use it, what’s the point? Websites are no different. At BrightBox, we build sites that are set up with the necessary checklist of SEO tools to get your website ranking fast. Extended search engine optimization (SEO) support can also be provided to dominate key searches, climb the search engine ladder and make yourself more visible to customers.

Along with SEO, we also believe in the power of testing. We use trial and error, industry proven research to position your call to actions, forms, buttons, etc. for increased conversion. There are numerous tactics and tools we use to strengthen user experience to learn, communicate, purchase, sign up and more with your brand. A website is your greatest weapon in defeating your competition and getting in front of your target audience. When they get there, it’s imperative you give them the best experience they could hope for. The clearest information, the right proof of your product or service and the easiest way to buy into your brand. Our ability to integrate solid conversion tactics helps get you there.