The Brand Maptm

What Brand Mappingtm Means to Us

The Brand Maptm is the proprietary branding process created and executed by the BrightBox team to ensure that every deliverable is backed by proven strategy.

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Fundamentals of The Brand Maptm

The old ways of branding are behind us. Long live The Brand MapTM!

A Note from Our Team

We believe in The Brand MapTM because it works. It makes our job easier and your business better. Proven time after time again, our team creates, develops and executes the same process. Unusually enough, no one has a tool like this. Others can tout their shiny trophies, fly by night creative or big commercial clients, but we stand by our Brand MappingTM process as what separates us from our competition. You will not find the attention to detail, clear direction and cohesive planning The Brand MapTM provides. Below is a brief understanding of what all this process entails, from a lengthy and strategic meeting with you and your stakeholders to extensive research by our team back at the office.

Internal Brand Review & The Three W’s

This is the first leg of the Brand MappingTM process. Here, through a series of questions and commentary, we all become aware of how your business views itself, how your clients view your business, and how you want them to view you. Both your audience’s perception of you and your customer’s experience tells a lot about your brand -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. By also learning about your company culture, your products and services and what value you add to the market specifically, we see more clearly what you stand for and what niche you own or potentially could dominate with the right brand image. We take these findings, expand on them more and identify the current state of your brand, where it needs to be to strengthen your business and what it will take to get there.

From this information, we can identify your Three W’s. This includes Who You Are, What You Do and Who You Do It For. It sounds shallow at face value, but the number one way in which brands miss out on marketing success is by not clearly communicating these three things on every deliverable, at every touch point. These three identifiers also will serve as the root for all messaging, content and creative that is produced for your brand.

External Market Research & Market Opportunities

While most of this section occurs within the four walls of our office (researching, making calls and engaging in heavy comparison), we give every client the opportunity to tell us about their competition. We also take some time to discuss your perception of the industry in which you live in. Although our team is well-versed in every vertical we serve, we like understanding where clients are coming from and how they view the market. Our team returns to the office and dives headfirst in an extensive competitor analysis, assessing their selling points, messaging and value added to the market. We also go further to understand your industry based on service offering, geographic location and price points, determining market needs, weaknesses and saturation in your space. All of which helps determine where opportunity lies for your brand.

This market opportunity comes from finding, establishing and defending your unique market segment. This is what carves out market share for your brand exclusively, ensuring that there is a growth opportunity in sight and with the right brand marketing, you can not only reach it but prosper because of it.

Your Brand

We’ve analyzed your brand–we looked at your audience and internal perceptions, and we’ve looked at your market and assessed your competitors and the industry as a whole. From there, we determined Who You Are, What You Do, and Who You Do It For and found your unique market segment. The story you want your brand to tell is beginning to take shape. Now we define what your brand’s story will be with strategy-driven brand messaging, creative execution and marketing tactics.

Not many of our clients are seasoned writers, have years of design experience or a firm grasp on web development. For that reason, our team ensures that we not only consult and concept but that we also execute and deliver. We translate all of the information interpreted by The Brand Map™ into physical brand deliverables that can be distributed through multiple channels. Providing the best strategy to maximize return on your marketing spend, our team will create a program that is meaningful, integrated and results-driven to market your brand, reach more customers and grow your business.