Shake Shack and Hopdoddy to compete for Houston’s taste buds Houston’s restaurants have made a name for themselves among the foodie crowds—Houston was named No. 1 on Travel and Leisure’s 2015 list of “America’s Best Food Cities”—but that doesn’t mean they can’t also dole out the classics. In the coming months, Houstonians will have two [...]

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Happy Birthday Elvis, The King of Personal Brands

His music, his movies, his shimmies and shakes, gave rise to a personal brand so iconic that he can be identified by his title alone; a title that needs no modifier because of how strong his impact on popular culture has been. If I said The King, chances are you’d immediately know I was referring [...]

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Brand Scorecard: Gringos Mexican Kitchen

Each week on #TheHook, Jason deconstructs a different brand and analyzes how products, services, and the images and words that sell them come together to create an overall customer experience. Join him every Saturday at 4pm on KPRC AM 950 for marketing tips, tricks and strategies to help grow your business. This week’s brand: Gringo’s [...]

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950 AM Presents The Hook with Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont

Houston, TX (September 14, 2015)- 950 AM Radio will officially add its first ever radio show dedicated to helping you build your business, The Hook, hosted by The Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont. The Hook will provide marketing tips, tricks, strategies and news to business owners and executives seeking direction and assistance. “Two of the five [...]

Four Steps Toward Rescuing Boxing’s Brand

If you are not a hardcore boxing fan and say last week’s poorly dubbed “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, you may be not only confused by even disgusted by the display. Oddly enough, this was not the sentiment among hardcore followers of the sport, most of whom were not only [...]

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Only Branding Sells – The Hard Truth in the Showdown between Branding and Products

BrightBox hits the mark doing what we do best: branding. Indeed, some of the most average businesses in the world have risen to prominence based on nothing more than the creation of strong, emotive branding campaigns. Sometimes, we hear claims from other business leaders that marketing doesn’t matter if the product is strong enough. However, [...]

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BrightBox Proudly Supports the Texas Freedom Run

Houston, Texas is both the most prosperous economy in the United States and a major hub for human trafficking. BrightBox CEO and Founder Jason Arcemont is known for raising awareness of both. This October, in partnership with Love 146, Jason is running clear across the State of Texas, completing 30 marathons in 30 days. His [...]

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Government Websites Are Confusing; Yours Should Not Be

If you’ve ever tired to find information via a government website, chances are you’ve probably resorted to a third party site instead of relying on the official site. In fact, there are how-to websites and entire organizations dedicated to helping you figure out how to navigate government programs and infrastructures. Websites, especially those meant for [...]

REBRAND: Zadok Technology Celebrates 5 Consecutive Years of Doubling Their Business

Despite a troubled economy and the challenges of launching a new business, Zadok Technology is celebrating five consecutive years of doubling their business with the rebranding of their logo, website, and overall corporate identity. Starting off as a small firm, Zadok now boasts over 100 employees and has serviced global oil and gas field sites [...]

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