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Henderson Rigs & Equipment

Brand Map, complete ID package, and website development for a U.S. manufacturer of drilling products and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The Challenge
BrightBox Brand Marketing will always be proud to work with a company like Henderson. When we first encountered them, Henderson blew us away by providing world class service based on a bold premise that questioned conventional wisdom:
Advertising is for the labor force, NOT the general public.
Henderson’s old brand, at a glance, made them appear to be just another industrial player in the crowded Houston market. While those in the know were aware that Henderson was so much more, outside prospects still didn’t have a complete picture of the incredible levels of service and capabilities that Henderson brought to the market.
When successful entrepreneurs set out on new adventures, they often need a new brand to bring those new campaigns to life. For Henderson Rigs & Equipment, they needed to compile their truly revolutionary service and philosophy into a single brand identity.
The Strategy
BrightBox brought a whole new look, feel, and sound to Henderson that spoke to its core audience: industry talent. Actions included:
  • A brand new logo look for prospects on both the employment side and the client side of the business.
  • A news brand and complete ID package: collateral, website, business cards, and letterhead.
  • New site layout complete with easy purchase for all equipment.
  • New photography to enhance the professionalism of the company look.
  • Complete OTC entertainment strategy to drive traffic and siphon attention from the conference in a brand-positive way.
  • Complete voice overhaul to add vibrancy and life to the brand.
The Results
  • A smash success at OTC.
  • Complete rebrand, including all digital, print, brick & mortar, and on-site signage.
  • #1 market position for everything Henderson does.