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Avonak Distillery

Brand Map, name, logo, and website development for new distillery entering the local high end spirits market.

The Challenge
Building a brand from the ground up presents its own set of unique challenges. When that brand is an upper shelf liquor built on centuries of distilling techniques, we knew it had to conjure images tied strongly to the senses— notably, the bold flavors and floral aromas of high quality gin. The client, a husband and wife spurred by wanderlust and a love of fine spirits, developed their distilling techniques by traveling the world to places steeped in distilling traditions. They studied processes refined over centuries, and each lesson learned brought them closer to the spirits they loved. As time went on, the travelers realized they could take this knowledge home to build a tradition of their own, one that speaks to the city they love and the history it embodies. They wanted their brand to reflect the sense of adventure that brought them to distilling, yet come infused with the unmistakable Houston localism that informs their spirits’ distinctive flavor profiles.
The Strategy
BrightBox created a look and feel for Avonak Distillery that inspired the customer to explore each flavor and its ties to Houston traditions.
  • Completed The Brand Map™ to determine unique market position.
  • Developed a list of names for both the distillery and its spirits that are tied to Houston locations associated with travel.
  • Crafted content pieces using sensory images that called the reader to adventure.
  • Developed a logo and website design that showcased the spirit of this brand.
  • Selected bottle shapes with the client and designed branded bottle art that showcased the flavors of each spirit.
  • Incorporated maps of Texas and Houston in the imagery to reinforce localism and wanderlust.
  • Crafted a recipe section on the website to assist client’s efforts to partner with local bartenders and tastemakers.
The Results
  • Successfully launched the Avonak brand.
  • Created a look and feel that showcases market position.
  • Designed website for superior engagement and user experience
  • Provided essential tools to bring the client’s product to market
  • Established a solid SEO foundation for the website to grow on