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Flying Fortress

Unique logo and website propels budding fitness studio into their marketspace.

"We loved working with the BrightBox team. They really took the guess work out of developing our logo and website" - Nicole Stahl
The Challenge

The owners of Flying Fortress Crossfit are passionate about health and fitness but that passion alone wouldn't make for an easy market entrance, especially when the fitness industry is flooded with gyms and workout options. To stand out in the crowd, Flying Fortress needed a powerful brand and a compelling story that their audience could easily buy into.

The Strategy

BrightBox debuted a local-friendly, boutique fitness brand that would stand out from other gyms and fitness programs:

  • Unpacked Flying Fortress’s unique selling proposition and their three W's; who they are, what they do, and who they do it for.
  • Created a logo and visual hammer to help Flying Fortress shine in a highly competitive industry.
  • Designed an attractive website loaded with crisp images of the studio and its members.
  • Created collateral and signage to reinforce brand throughout the fitness studio.
The Results
  • Developed a brand that is attractive to patriotic, fitness-oriented people living in Galveston, TX.
  • Increased credibility and accessibility with a professional website. New businesses without websites fall short of achieving the “trust factor” from prospective customers.