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Global Speak Translations

Brand development and launching of oil and gas language translations company.


Professional translation services are a niche industry. When most companies think about translating their material, their first thought is to find the nearest person who speaks the language they need and set them to work. The task often falls to employees who can technically speak the language well enough to converse but lack the skills necessary to provide a truly professional translation.

The problem with this approach is that not everyone who can speak a given language understands idioms and other cultural peculiarities. More importantly, a mistranslation in any energy field, whether it be on an oil rig or a wind farm, can lead to a waste of time, resources, and even death. For instance, if an amateur translator accidentally misses a word on a cautionary note, equipment can be destroyed and lives could be lost.

Explaining the issues of mistranslation and the critical need for professional translators can be difficult when companies are constantly looking for ways to save time and money and may not take the time to read a white paper on the dangers of mistranslation. BrightBox needed to make sure that Global Speak’s brand consistently highlighted the urgent need for professional translation, particularly in the energy services market, so that Global Speak’s brand would be first in the mind’s of companies when it came time for them to make pivotal RFP decisions.

  • Redesigned logo, color palette, and textural elements to stand out as visually fresh, modern and forward thinking while retaining a professional, trustworthy feel
  • Wrote a tagline that clearly articulates Global Speak’s unique selling proposition
  • Redesigned website to improve the user experience and showcase the client’s expertise in the Energy Industry
  • Incorporated a “Unique Call Tracking” system to record and track all marketing efforts
  • Established new brand identity and cohesive look
  • Jumpstarted company marketing efforts
  • Positioned company as a leader in the global translation market, particularly for energy companies