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Brand development and ongoing marketing support for a leader in gauge manufacturing.

"BrightBox exceeded my expectations with their professional support and understanding of our needs. Whenever we need them for brand marketing, strategy and website management, they've been there and easy to work with." - Will Condon, Project Manager with HDI

Safety instruments are highly nuanced in what they monitor and how they do what they were made to do. HDI’s pressure gauges are the most reliable on the market, setting the standard and benchmark for how all other gauges are calibrated. In addition, HDI’s pressure gauges are batterypowered so they won’t stop if there is a power emergency and work in any climate.

Furthermore, most safety instruments can be applied across a number of different industries. HDI has historically focused on offshore drilling rigs, but their gauges are applicable to acidizing, cement trucks, workovers, and wellhead monitoring. But reaching out to new markets without losing focus on your core industry, which relies heavily on safety, can compromise your current market position.

So what’s the best way for a market leader with the most innovative products of their kind to reach out to new customers without compromising their already strong market position? Focus on what makes their instruments great in the first place. By representing HDI’s pressure monitoring instruments in a way that reflects the features that make them great, BrightBox gave HDI a look that would present their products as vital no matter what industry audience was interacting with the brand.


BrightBox took several vital steps to reposition Houston Digital Instruments:

  • Completed The Brand Map™ to determine how to maintain HDI as a leader in the oil well industry without limiting them to only that market
  • Developed a new website design that embodies the influence HDI’s stand-alone battery-powered gauges had, and continue to have, on the industry
  • Updated graphics and photography with clean, high quality images to showcase the reliable, durable, and straightforward nature of the HDI’s products
  • Improved product quote process and forms customer communication
  • Successfully created new brand look and feel that reflected the vital features and benefits of HDI’s products and services
  • Completed graphic overhaul including high quality updates of print and web materials
  • Developed a new website with an intuitive user interface that reflects their products